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Local Printshops

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Print At Home For DIY Weddings

Print at home invitations, menus, table cards, seat assignments, etc. are a great way to have complete control over your design while being budget conscious. You can easily save cost by only printing the number of items you need. Printing invitations on demand  is an affordable way to have extras on hand. Keep in mind that you may need to purchase a higher quality printer, and printer cartridges, in order to achieve the look you want. Factor in these costs when choosing between printing at home and printing online.

When embellished and put in an envelope, 4 x 6 postcards become a simple print at home invitation.

Don’t forget to account for a few extra invitations and envelopes for samples, corrections and additions.

Foldable place cards can be used for seating, buffets and other informational signage.

These printable 4″ x 9″ sheets of heavier weight paper are perfect for menus and programs.

Print Online

Designing and printing invitations, menus, table numbers and seat assignments online is an affordable way to create a professional looking product. With this option, you can start with blank invitation and design it yourself, or choose from thousands of customizable templates created by professional designers. Most of these services have minimum order requirements; be sure to check the requirement before designing your invitation. 500 invitations may seem like a bargain, but will you do with the extra if you only plan to send 100? There are many online printing buisnesses that are similar to the ones listed below. The listed businesses below do not indicate an endorsement.

Zazzle online marketplace allows you to design your own invitations, and thousands of other products. Or, you can choose premade designs that are customized by one of many designers.

Vistaprint has hundreds of designs to choose from for wedding invitaion sets as well as other wedding paper products. Choose a template or create your own design.

Snapfish incorporates photos into invitaions, save the dates and other printed products. Choose a tempalte or design your own.


Ribbons, seals, punches, embossing, stamps. Even the simplest invitation feels glamorous with the right embellishments. Print a few extra envelopes and cards so that you can create a variety of samples with different looks. Once you find a design combination that you love, take a photo of each element so that you can easily re-create it. Then, take the complete invitation to the post office to have it weighed and send it to yourself. This not only gives you an idea how much it will cost to send each invitation, it will also be an opportunity to make sure your design will work when sent in the mail. Wax seals, for example, will most likely chip or fall off when sent through a sorter.

Edge paper punches add sophistication to invitations, thank you cards and table markers. A wide variety of designs are available.

Monogram wax seals add glamour to envelopes and cards for your wedding and other occasions.

Embossing kits help you add texture and interest to paper. Emboss over freehand lettering or use a stamp for consistency.

Sheer organza ribbon comes in dozens of colors. Tie a bow around invitations or add to programs for a touch of color.

Custom stamps, add a handmade touch to any card and make creating table numbers quick and easy.

Local Printshops

From letterpresses invitations on hand made paper to engraved, formal invitations, printshops take care of all of the details and can extend your design to any other paper needs for your wedding, reception, thank you notes and personal stationery. Hiring a local printer is not DIY. It is, however, a valuable time saver and produces a beautiful, tactile product. There are many printshops in Denver and the surrounding communities. This does not include them all and is not an endorsement of any one business.

Genghis Kern Design & Letter Press Studio; Highland Neighborhood, Denver.

Lucky Onion design and print studio located in Denver. 

Smokeproof Press provides design and production; located in Boulder.

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