15 Centerpiece Ideas, No Flowers!

Flower free centerpieces are great for DIY weddings. They can be arranged ahead of time, without worrying about wilting or water. Here are 15 ideas featuring feathers, stemware and candles.

Flower Free Centerpieces

There are many other items you can use to create dynamic and unique centerpieces without flowers. Below are 15 ideas based on feathers, glassware and candles. Do not feel limited by this list! Do not be afraid to use your imagination and be creative. Or, forego centerpieces all together. Opulent or eclectic place settings often look beautiful on their own. Many of the materials listed below can be purchased new or found in your local thrift shop. More decor ideas from Denver DIY Bride can be found here.



Faux or real feathers can be an exotic addition to centerpieces. Most feathers pair well with jewel tones, pearls and leather. You may be able to find feathers in the craft section of thrift stores, or as part of a wreath that can be taken apart. Buying feathers new ensures they do not look worn and that they will not be bent.

  1. Fill tall vases or wine bottles with bunches of peacock, pheasant or ostrich feathers.
  2. Fill a martini glass with pearls, add water and float a small feather on top.
  3. Drape or scatter longer feathers over other elements like book stacks or lace.
  4. Fill a mason jar with small feathers and add a flameless tealight candle on top.
  5. Create a weather of feathers to go around the base of  a tall vase. Put a flameless candle in the vase.

Peacock feathers add drama to centrepieces and compliment many color themes.

Pheasant feathers like these are long and slender. They look fantastic with jewel tones.

Ostrich feathers are available in a variety of dyed colors and add a hint of vintage glamour to any centerpiece.

Small feathers like these can be floated in glasses or vases. 

Stemware and Glass

Opulent stemware and glass pieces can be arranged symmetrically or eclectically depending on the theme and tone of your reception. Look for glassware in thrift shops, your family and friends’ garages, buy nothing groups or buy specific items new.

  1. Fill martini or wine glasses with fairy lights, pearl strings, colored marbles or stones.
  2. Arrange several styles of wine glasses together, fill half way with water and float a small candle in each.
  3. Larger glass pieces such as trifle dishes, wide cylinders and mason jars, can be filled with pinecones, book pages or costume jewelry.
  4. Fill small glass dishes, such as salt cellars or cut glass cream pitchers with Jordan almonds.
  5. Arrange vintage teacups and saucers on top of a short book stack. Leave as is or drape strings of pearls in and around the teacups.


Classic Ball brand jars add rustic charm to any centerpiece and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Cocktail glasses, such as these, can be filled with pearls. Or add water and a floating candle.

Glass vases in a variety of shapes and sizes add height and dimension to centerpieces.

Wine bottles are available in green, brown and clear glass. Fill with fairy lights or a long feather.

Candles & Lanterns

Flameless candles and lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. They can easily be paired with any of the centerpiece components mentioned in this post or stand alone.

  1. For a long table, add a table runner and a candle or lantern every 10 inches for a minimalist centerpiece.
  2. Group a candles in different sizes on top of a mirrored plate. Drape with pearls.
  3. Fill a lantern with a flameless candle.
  4. Antique candelabras with regular or flameless candles are dramatic and glamorous.
  5. Fill teacups with melted wax and a wick to make a unique accent for centerpieces (follow wax melting instructions for best results).

These two inch tall small candles look and feel realistic. They add warm glamour to any table setting.

These red berry candles are perfect for winter weddings.

Flameless taper candles look gorgeous in candelabras and in candlesticks. They add drama to any tablespace.

Use this set of 12 lanterns as aisle markers, in table arrangements or for the bridal party.

Large lanterns can be used to accent other arrangements and decor by providing light and height.

Three to six inch tall candles add light to table top lanterns, which make charming centerpieces.

Centerpieces For DIY Wedding Receptions

Before purchasing 20 lanterns or 100 vintage books, create a sample centerpiece. Look at the centerpiece from all angles, including from the top down. Rearrange items until you find the right setting. When you do, take a picture of the arrangement that you can refer to later. 

Flower free centerpieces do not wilt, do not need water and will not cause sneezing or watery eyes. They give you the opportunity to design to your theme or tone while adding personal touches to each table at your wedding reception. Whatever type of centerpiece you choose, minimalist or opulent, your guests will delight in your creative design.