Flower Free Centerpieces

Save money and time with these creative ideas for flower free centerpieces (no wilting or worrying about water!).

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Flower Free Centerpieces

Centerpieces set the mood, tone an atmosphere of your wedding reception. While flowers are a traditional choice for centerpiece, you can use anything, from long stemmed roses to books and stones! Flowers can be expensive and don’t always reflect your personality as a couple. In this post, we share four ideas for centerpieces that are flower free. Do not be afraid to be creative, pair and group items, or let them stand alone. Many of the materials listed below can be purchased new or found in your local thrift shop. For every day items that are repurposed into centerpieces, such as mason jars, ask friends and family to check their closets and garages for items you can use.

1. Feathers

Faux or real feathers can be displayed in vases individually, in pairs, or arranged bunches. Faux peacock, pheasant and ostrich feathers are good options because they are long enough to easily stand up in a vase. These types of feathers are exotic and add a richness to arrangements. Smaller feathers can be floated on water in clear vases with floating candles, faux pearls or stones.

2. Stemware & Teacups

Vintage stemware, such as martini glasses, sorbet glasses, cordial glasses, can be filled with faux pearls, glass marbles, Jordan almonds, fairy lights, and so much more! You can fill vintage teacups the same way for a more casual look. In groups, stemware and teacups make delightful centerpieces. Fill with water and add a small floating candle. Or, pair a martini glass filled with pearls, a bookstack and a lantern. The options are endless! Vintage stemware can be found at thrift shops such as Goodwill and Arc. Vintage looking new stemware can be purchased online or in kitchen supply stores.

Peacock feathers look sophisticated and glamorous. They add height to centerpieces.

These decorative lanterns come in several colors and add magic to any reception.

This faux vintage bookstack is also a keepsake box. Use for your centerpieces, then give as gifts to loved ones!

3. Bookstacks

Whether the titles have special meaning to you, or they look the part, stacks of books make an excellent choice for centerpieces. When leatherbound titles are paired with electric candles and faux pearls they effect is glamourous library vintage chic. Vintage books can be sourced at thrift shops or bought by the box full online. If you are thrifting your titles, make sure the books do not carry unpleasant scents such as smoke or are overly musty. Sets of new books that look old can be found online.

4. Candles & Lanterns

Flameless candles and lanterns come in all shapes and sizes. They can easily be paired with any of the centerpiece components mentioned in this post or stand alone. A long table with nothing but a table runner and a candle or lantern every 10 inches is a minimalist and appealing option. Alternatively, groups of candles and or lanterns in various sizes set on a mirror creates an elegant, simple atmosphere.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Before purchasing 20 lanterns or 100 vintage books, create a sample centerpiece. Look at the centerpiece from all angles, including from the top down. Rearrange items until you find the right setting. When you do, take a picture of the arrangement that you can refer to later. If, after creating a sample, the centerpiece is not quite the way you want, start over with a new design. By creating a sample, you can find the right centerpiece without getting stuck with an overabundance of pinecones you decide are not quite right.

DIY Centerpieces

Flower free centerpieces do not wilt, do not need water and will not cause Uncle Phil to sneeze. They give you the opportunity to design to your theme or tone while adding personal touches to each table at your wedding reception. Whatever type of centerpiece you choose, minimalist or opulent, your guests will delight in your creative design.