DIY Wedding Balloons: Ultimate Supply Guide

Organic balloon backdrops are perfect for selfies! Balloon letters spell your love. Get all the supplies you need in this ultimate guide to DIY wedding balloons. may recieve commissions on purchases made through links on our website.

DIY Wedding Balloons

Balloons are not just for children’s parties! Organic balloon arches, columns, accents and backdrops are glamorous, yet playful additions to any wedding theme. A variety of kits are available to help you create balloon masterpieces that will accent your wedding décor. Backdrops and arches also make great selfie stations and are perfect for any bride who wants to offer photo ops for guests to share on social media. This guide will help you find the right supplies to create your own wedding balloon décor. One special note – check the weather if you wedding is outside and you plan on using balloons! If wind or excessive heat is in the forecast, bring your balloons inside.

Everything you need, in one place!

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Garlands & Arches

Balloon garlands make excellent frames for entryways, photo and selfie backdrops and can accent dessert tables. Organic garlands are made from several sizes of balloons in different colors and look more sophisticated than a balloon arch. Garlands can be made from individual balloons or you can purchase a kit. Garland kits come with multiple sizes of balloons, glue dots and a garland strip. You can also create a garland by tying balloons together and wrapping them around themselves. Bubbly Balloon Co has a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates this method. Arches may be organic or use all one balloon size for a symmetry. 

This garland kit from PartyWoo comes in a variety of colors to match your wedding’s color scheme.

Do not worry if you pop a balloon. Most kits, like this one, come with a few extra balloons.

You can buy balloons anywhere and create a garland by tying them together or using a garland strip and glue dots like these.

Balloon Letters & Numbers

Balloon letters and number can add fun to any reception or party. Hang them behind the bar or above the dessert table. Spell words such as Love or Party. Pick letters to make a monogram. Numbers can be used for dates or years. Be sure to check the measurements of the letters, number or word balloons you are purchasing. If they are too large, they may look childish. If they are too small, it will be impossible to tell what it is from a distance.

Available in silver, gold and shades of pink, this set of balloon letters spell Love.

Nothing brings fun and playfulness to a party like balloons, especially this fun gold set.

Accessorize your reception with these individual letter balloons and spell any word you want.

Balloon Pumps & Accessories

The only way you want to blow up a large number of balloons is with an hand pump or electric pump! Pumps save time and your sanity. They also allow for more accurate inflation which prevents popping. Have a few extra balloons on hand to practice using your pump before starting on your garland or décor. Once you get the hang of using a pump, you will be able to fill balloons fast. Balloon tying tools can help save your fingers when tying a large number of balloons. They are highly recommended if you are planning on building more than one garland or arch.

Hand pumps, like these, are easy to use and do not require an electrical outlet to work.

Electic pumps are quick and easy to use. They usually come with different nozzels for different sizes of balloons.

Balloon tying tools can make it easier to tie balloons, especially if you have a few hundred to tie.

Denver Wedding Balloon Designers

Balloon designers can customize balloon décor to your specifications. They can also deliver and install your balloon décor on the day of your wedding. Hiring a balloon designer for your Denver wedding can save you time so that you can DIY other components of your big day. There are several professional balloon designers in the Denver area and in Colorado. The businesses here are not an inclusive list and do not imply an endorsement.

Denver Balloons & Outside The Lines Events creates stunning balloon décor and is a full service event planner.

Balloon Empyre creates bright and vivid balloon creations and designs for all types of events.

Balloon Art By Merry Makers playfully and creatively accents your celebration with balloon decor.

DIY Wedding Balloons & Décor

Planning wedding and reception decorations can be on of the most enjoyable activities for DIY couples. Balloon arch kits make creating backdrops and accents easy. Remember to practice! You can create your balloon décor a few days before your wedding without worrying about balloons deflating. Make sure to protect your balloon décor from fluctuating temperatures (don’t store them in the garage the night before your wedding, for example) or balloons may deflate or pop.

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