15 DIY Aisle Markers

Today, we share 15 ideas for DIY wedding aisle markers that can be hung or set next to pews, chairs and benches.

DIY aisle markers

Aisle markers add visual interest and color to pews, chairs and benches and make great projects for DIY weddings. Aisle markers may be purely decorative or they can serve as a function, such as to reserve seating. There are no rules to aisle markers. They can hang from chair corners, sit on the ground, flank every aisle or every other. When you think about the markers you are going ot create, make sure to test the design so that you know it will hang well or that it won’t fall into the aisle. If you use shepherd hooks to hang markers, make sure to push them far enough into the ground that they won’t tip over!

15 inspiring ideas for DIY aisle markers:

  1. Large Lanterns. Place on the ground next to the chair. Add a large flameless candle for ambiance
  2. Evergreen Boughs. Small branches can be tied together with twine and pinecones and hung from the side of each chair. Larger boughs can be arranged and placed on the ground next to each aisle edge chair
  3. Fabric Bows. Simple or elaborate, fabric bows can be attached to chairs with ribbon or wire.
  4. Small to Medium Sized Lanterns. With or without a flameless candle, hang lanterns on the side of each chair or hang from a shepherd’s hook.
  5. Silk Scarves. For an interesting alternative to bows, tie silk scarves from Silk Scarves Colorado around the edge of each aisle chair. Choose a fancy knot or a simple hitch knot. Use identical scarves or mismatch depending on your wedding’s aesthetic.
Lanterns can stand on their own or with other décor.

Four inch ribbon is perfect for bow and sashes.

Add to lanterns or use flameless candles on their own.

  1. Milk Bottles or Mason Jars. Attach a wire hanger around the threads of a mason jar, add water and a stem or two of your favorite flower. Or, fill with sand and a flameless candle.
  2. Shells. Attach a loop of ribbon or twine to the back of large shells and hand on the edge of each chair. This is a simple project for and DIY wedding.
  3. Tall Vases. Extra tall vases can be filled with marbles and a flameless candle, flowers or branches and set next to each aisle edge chair.
  4. Paper Cones. Make paper cones out of maps, book pages or scrapbook paper. Attach a beaded cord or ribbon to hang from the edge of a chair. Fill with dried flower petals, pearls or winter berries.
  5. Luminaries. For outdoor, evening summer weddings, luminaries are a great DIY project that look fantastic.

Use your shell collection for wedding decorations.

Look for jars in thrift shops or buy new

Punch your own bags for luminaries to line walkways.

  1. Potted plants. Potted plants such as dwarf evergreens, poinsettias and birds of paradise make appealing aisle markers for Denver weddings and can be given away or planted at home after the event.
  2. Wreaths. Plain or adorned, faux, dried or live, look for wreath making materials and premade wreaths at craft stores and thrift shops. Depending on the size, you may want to add a loop of ribbon to hang the wreath from each chair.
  3. Flower baskets and containers. Pre-planted baskets and containers of annuals are a simple way to add flowers and floral arrangements, without the worry of broken stems, or the cost of cut flowers. Plus, they can be given as gifts or enjoyed at home after the wedding.
  4. Chalkboard Signs. Write meaningful words on small chalkboard signs and hang with ribbon or twine.
  5. Nothing! Aisle markers are optional! Pews, chairs and benches often look just as fabulous without an aisle marker. Choosing not to have aisle markers gives you more time to work on other aspects of your DIY wedding.
Simple and versatile chalk board signs.

Hang small wreaths from chair corners.

Fill cones with flower petals and hang from chair corners.

DIY Aisle & Walkway Markers

Aisle makers make great DIY projects for weddings because they can be made ahead of time and can be as simple or complex as you want. Search thrift shops, you garage and your family’s closets for supplies. You may even be able to reuse items after your wedding. If not, try selling your aisle markers on buy and trade sites like Craigslist or Offer Up. DIY weddings are a fabulous way to create a unique and memorable event that shares your love with your friends and family. For more ideas, check out ideas and supplies on Denver DIY Bride.