Bridal Capes, Three Options

We have selected three gorgeous dresses that include bridal capes and feature them in this post! may recieve commissions on purchases made through links on our website.

Glamorous Transformation

Bridal capes fall from your shoulders and usually clasp or tie at your neck, shoulders or collar bone. Capes are a gorgeous alternative to a veil. They offer the look and length of a veil, without covering the head or being attached to a hair style. Because they are easily removable, a cape can give you a second look for your wedding and reception, without requiring a full outfit change. For example, you can wear the cape during your marriage ceremony and for outdoor photos, then remove the cape for the reception. If a cape isn’t quite your style, off the shoulder dresses also pair well with bridal wings.

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Our Favorite

Bridal Capes

Our favorite bridal capes come from One Blushing Bride. Alisha, owner of One Blushing Bride, creates gorgeous custom bridal capes, veils and wings.

Alisha has also created a downloadable DIY cape pattern, no sewing machine required! Image from One Blushing Bride.

Bride with a wedding cape in the dessert

Dresses + Capes

Why wedding dresses with capes? Because bridal capes are a fabulous alternative to a wedding veil! Capes are perfect if you want the look, feel and coverage of a veil, without the hairpiece or the formality of a veil. Capes create a long line look and can add coverage that can be easily put on or taken off for different aspects of your ceremony and reception. Dresses that incorporate a removable cape are perfect for brides who want to combine glamour with convinience. 

The dresses in this post are from AW Bridal, which provides brides with high quality, affordable dresses. The dresses in this post come with a cape as part of the style. All three are gorgeous choices for any bride who wants the look of a cape, without having to find or DIY one that matches their dress style. 

Off The Shoulder Bombshell

We cannot get enough of AW Brida’s Mariah dress. The long line, strapless dress with a slight train and a thigh high slip is gorgeous. The tulle cape levels up the dress from a pretty white dress to an absolute bombshell of a dress.

Turn heads, make your partner’s jaw drop. The cape is easily removable if you want to change for the reception or photos.

Perfect for: Any bride who wants to show off those shoulders in a bombshell gown.

Why we love it: The long lines flatter all body types and the cape itself adds the look of a full length train without interfering with the hairstyle.


Vintage Glamour

AW Brida’s Nena dress is perfect for any bride who prefers the vintage style of a tea length dress. The pearl string neckline of the cape adds a luxurious touch. If you are not comfortable with a strapless design, have a seamstress add straps, or do it yourself if you have the skills.

The Nena will compliment any wedding aesthetic, from a backyard tea to a cocktail party in a velvet paneled hall.

Perfect for: Any bride with a vintage aesthetic. Also perfect for fun and sassy brides looking for someting different. 

Why we love it: The pearls, the cups, the length! This dress is unforgettable. 

Short & Sweet

If your wedding is all about the fun and the sweetness of your love, then AW Bridal’s Lakan dress is for you! The short style with the big white bow will flatter any bride who is sweet and playful. The built in bra (!) will make any bride feel comfortable and secure, though adding thin straps yourself or by a seamstress will also work well with this style.

The included cape is the perfect accessory to add the feel of a veil, without having to cover your face or attach it to your hairstyle. It also adds the option of having a bit more coverage during the ceremony or formal photos.

Perfect for: brides who just want to have fun! This dress is playful and simple. 

Why we love it: There’s just something about a giant bow! 

DIY wedding makeup mascara

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Elegant Dresses With Bridal Capes

Bridal capes are perfect for brides who love the look of a veil, without the head covering. Capes can add glamour, luxury and even a touch of warmth to any wedding dress. The dresses in this post a perfect to pair with a cape, so much so that they come with one. No matter the color, length, or style, the best wedding dress is the one that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. 

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support.

Whether you are planning a vintage reception, classic backyard ceremony or a black and white ball, wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process!

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