3 Ways To Wear Gloves

Wedding gloves are a fabulous accessory to your gown and veil. Long, short, lace and satin, there are many styles to choose from.

Wedding Gloves

Gloves are a classic, vintage fashion accessory that are back in style. When paired with a wedding gown or suit, gloves add timeless elegance. Fingerless gloves are a good choice if you want to wear long gloves and do not want to take them off to exchange rings. Long gloves, sometimes called opera gloves, paired with a sleeveless or short sleeve gown are a timeless combination. Short or bracelet length gloves are prefect for morning or afternoon weddings. Short gloves are also easy to take off and hand to a bridesmaid during the exchange of rings. Decide ahead of time if you will be taking your gloves off when exchanging rings or if your ring will go over your gloves (be sure to test this before the ceremony!).

Fingerless Wedding Gloves

Fingerless gloves add a touch of glamor, as well as modesty, to a wedding day outfit. Fingerless wedding gloves are a good choice if you do not want to deal with taking off a glove during the exchanging of rings. Fingerless gloves come in a variety of styles and colors. Short, long, lace, satin. 

These mid length fingerless gloves include rhinestones and lace.

Short fingerless lace gloves are easier to take on and off than longer styles. 

Traditional satin fingerless gloves compliment classic style gowns. 

Long Wedding Gloves

Many veils are attached to your hair with a comb. In comb style veils, the functional comb is what the veil fabric is attached to and are hidden from view. Headbands can be used for long or birdcage style veils and are easy to add or remove from wedding day hairstyles. Barrettes or hair clips are other ways to attach a veil, make sure they are compatible with your planned hairstyle.

Satin gloves are classic and come in various lengths (and colors, try blue!). 

Velvet gloves, also in white, are especially fashionable for winter weddings.

Long lace gloves enhance a unadorned dress style. 

Rhinestone fishnet gloves. Yes, they are fabulous! 

Short Wedding Gloves

Short and bracelet length (just longer than the wrist) gloves are the perfect accent to a more modest wedding dress. They are also a fabulous accessory for brunch and afternoon weddings. While white is traditional, black or other bold color are definitely statements. You may want to wear them throughout the ceremony and reception, or only when departing.

Short lace gloves are a charming accent to any wedding wardrobe. 

Classic satin gloves are perfect for a champagne brunch celebration.
Black gloves are unexpected and intriguing in contrast to traditional white.

Romantic & Magical DIY Weddings

Gloves are a wonderful and fabulous accessory to your wedding ensemble. Make a statement with color or accent a classic look with white. However you use gloves, make sure to try on several pairs to find the size and fit that works for you. Gloves that are too tights will feel, and look, uncomfortable. Gloves that are too loose will also be noticeable, and if they are long, will sag. Vintage gloves are also an option. Family members may have kept meaningful pairs that they have worn. Or, look in thrift shops for vintage lace styles.