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Gorgeous Necklines

Off the shoulder wedding dresses are trending and for good reason! Unlike strapless dresses, off the shoulder dresses draw the eye down, out and in, highlighting the collar bones and shoulders in a very flattering way. Sleevelets are a glamorous design element, and can help brides feel more secure in their dress. Off the shoulder dresses are a great choice if you want to accessorize with a cape or wings.

The dresses in this post are from AW Bridal, which provides brides with high quality, affordable dresses. If you are on a budget, an affordable dress means you can spend more on details, such as a custom veil, gorgeous shoes, or extra special reception decor.

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Classic Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses

What makes a dress classic? Long lines, monochrome fabric, soft draping, tulle, lace and so much more! These two off the shoulder dresses from AW Bridal are classic because of their simple, traditional silhouettes that trade color, pattern and exotic fabrics for satin, tulle, and subtle draping.

The Mariah is our favorite AW Bridal dress. The removable cape elevates the columnist dress from simple to bombshell. The Katrina is equally gorgeous with a flattering waistline and sweetheart neckline. The cap sleeves add a richness to the overall confection of a dress.

AW Mariah Wedding Dress & Wrap

AW Katrina Wedding Dress

AW Baylee Wedding Dress

Another classic style we love is the Baylee dress. The Baylee is the ultimate, satin style, off the shoulder, royalty inspired dress. It is gorgeous. This dress pairs perfectly with a classic chignon, French twist or other classic updo.

A finger tip length veil adds a sweetness to the classic style, while a cathedral length veil adds a richness fit for royalty.

Trending Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Trending styles that are unique are not every brides cup of tea. A little edge, vintage inspiration, or uniqueness however, is no less glamourous than classic styles.

The Joslyn dress is a confection of puffed sleeves, flattering hems, and 90’s chic. At Denver DIY Bride, we love a touch of the ’90s for it’s over the top glamour. Another trendy favorite of ours is the Giona dress. With a lacey boned bodice, full skirt and defined cups, this dress is perfect for brides who feel like the traditional wedding dress just doesn’t cut it. Pair with a red or navy stole for an incredible statement.

AW Joslyn Wedding Dress

AW Giona Wedding Dress

AW Mezzo Wedding Dress
At Denver DIY Bride, we are also in love with the Mezzo dress. The bead detail across the bust and sleeves adds a touch of Mediterranean, boho style, without being overwhelming. Pair this dress with a wide brimmed white hat for a beach side sunset ceremony. Or, accessorize with a flower in the hair such as a bird of paradise or hibiscus to compliment the tropical feel of the dress.

Gorgeous Dress + Glamorous Veil

Pair your gorgeous wedding hair style with a veil from One Blushing Bride!

Alisha creates handmade and one of a kind wedding veils, bridal capes and wings in her gorgeous California studio. DIY brides can download patterns to create their own veils. 

Cathedral length veil from One Blushing Bride

Image from One Blushing Bride

Wedding Accessories

Bridal wedding wings veil alternative

Veils, Capes & Wings

For a more traditional look, choose a veil, for a trending alternative, choose capes or wings. We especially love the DIY patterns from One Blushing Bride. Find more tips and tricks for making a DIY veil in our latest post on the topic.

Wedding planner from One Blushing Bride

Digital Wedding Planning

Stay organized and banish stress with the fabulous digital wedding planner from One Blushing Bride. The planner includes over 150 pages that can be printed or edited digitally. Build an esthetic board, seating charts, check off the to do list! 

Elegant DIY Weddings

Providing flattering and functional options for your bridesmaids is not only kind, but also realistic! Today, everyone is watching what they spend and being able to wear a bridesmaid dress or jumpsuit again is just one way to save. Bridesmaids stand up with you and have been there for you as friends or family for years. They are wonderful supports for you and cannot wait to celebrate with you. 

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support.

Whether you are planning a vintage reception, classic backyard ceremony or a black and white ball, wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process!

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