5 Favorite Amazon Wedding Finds

DIY Wedding Supplies Online

We have scoured Amazon for the best DIY wedding supplies. This list includes our favorite finds. Amazon.com is not the only place you can find these supplies and similar products may be available elsewhere. Online shopping for wedding supplies can save you time and can make sourcing unique supplies easier. Amazon.com offers a membership called Amazon Prime. Not a Prime member? Click Here to join Prime. Being a member of Prime is not required to shop and purchase items from Amazon. 

1. A Perfect Toast

While it’s always funny and cute, no one actually enjoys it when their champagne glass bottom falls off. Solve the problem with these flat bottom champagne flutes are practical and aesthetically pleasing. While their shape lends them to bubbly beverages, they are just as attractive with flavored waters, sparkling waters, other cocktails and mocktails. For an attractive cocktail or mocktail, put a few raspberries in each glass and top with champagne or sparkling cider.

2. Eucalyptus Garlands

You may have noticed eucalyptus garlands, they are trending and everywhere! It’s no wonder, faux eucalyptus garlands make any table elegant, add a touch of nature, and compliment nearly every wedding theme and color. For simple table décor, add eucalyptus garlands on top of white table cloths and add a simple white pillar candle every 12-18 inches. Garlands can also hide blank walls, add interest to wedding arches, and be combined with other décor elements for a cohesive look.

3. Eco-Friendly Send Off

How to do a romantic sendoff without hurting the environment? These pre-built confetti cones are filled with biodegradable confetti and area perfect alternative to sparklers, rice or flower petals. Of course, you can create your own cones and fill as desired. Pre-made cones, however,  allow you to spend your precious time on other projects.

4. Aisle Markers

Chair decorations for the ceremony or the reception do not need to be complicated. These floral and ribbon aisle markers are a simple way to dress up ordinary chairs. Use at the beginning of the wedding aisle, on every row, or to designate reserved seating.

5. Summer Weddings

If you are hot, so is everyone else. If you wedding is in the summer or even the fall, a simple hand fan is a welcome gift for guests. If your wedding is indoors, you may also consider a fan. Some older churches and halls have little if any air circulation and depending on the space, may not be air conditioned.

Romantic & Magical DIY Weddings

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support.

The fabulous selection of DIY wedding supplies on Amazon.com makes shopping for supplies easy and convinient. Other online retailers also have a wide selection of supplies.. No matter how large or small, wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process!

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