The Best Fire Pits for Backyard Weddings

Fire pits add ambiance (and warmth!) to any backyard wedding. Create gathering points for your guests and delight them with s'mores.

DIY Wedding Ambiance

Self contained fire pits are a fabulous way to add ambiance (and heat!) to backyard weddings. Choose a larger model to create a focal point or choose two to three to create a variety of gathering spaces. You can choose from wood burning models and gas burning models that use natural gas or propane. Benches, stools, wood dining chairs, even settees and velvet wingback chairs can be used for seating around a fire pit. If you choose to offer s’mores for guests, make sure the fire pit you choose can easily be cleaned after your reception. As enjoyable as s’mores are, sticky fingers and dripping marshmallows are a fact of the experience!

Wood Burning Fire Pits

Woodburning fire pits are a great choice for rustic, charming, more casual backyard weddings. These types of fire pits will require someone to tend to them by starting the initial fire and adding more wood to fuel the fire (make sure to assign this job ahead of time!). Wood fires may pop and crackle or send sparks outside the confines of the fire pit. They are also beautiful and add a rustic ambiance to your backyard wedding that you cannot get with a gas fueled fire pit. Be sure to have easy access to water available in case of an emergency and check local ordinances for any burn bans in your area.

This Pleasant Hearth fire pit is built to last and will be able to be enjoyed for years after your wedding. 

This Sunnydaze wood burning firepit has a round shape that will accent your backyard wedding decor. 

Propane Fire Pits

Propane fire pits need less attention than wood burning fire pits. It will still benefit you to assign someone to the task of lighting the fire pit and keeping an eye on it. They can also be more challenging to clean if you choose to offer s’mores for guests. Make sure to read the manual completely to make sure it is possible to clean up burned marshmallow easily. Propane may be available to you at local gas stations, hardware or feed stores or even outdoors stores. Check the canister size you need and call different stores to find the size you need. 

This beautiful faux stone fire pit from Teamson is a charming option for your backyard wedding. 

This sleek propane fire pit from Ciays is perfect for more glamourous backyard weddings. 

The Ultimate Patio Chimney

A patio chimney becomes the focal point of your backyard wedding. A wood burning model like the one pictured here from Sunjoy Outdoor has a built in look that accommodates the chimney itself, wood storage for easy tending and shelf space for accent décor. This truly is a backyard investment that can be enjoyed for numerous occasions and celebrations after your big day.

Fire Pits For DIY Weddings

Fire pits are a delightful way to add ambiance to your DIY backyard wedding. Fire pits create a natural gathering point and are a simple way to create focus areas in your backyard space.

No matter what find of fire pit you choose, be sure to read the manual completely, test the fire pit before your big day (hello, romantic date night) and check for any fire bans or rules in your area.

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Chair and firepit for backyard weddings.