5 Wedding Décor Prime Day Deals

Wedding Décor Prime Day Deals

DIY wedding decorations can be simple, elegant, beautiful and/or extravagant. No matter what the theme, colors, or tone of your wedding, your décor choices will help you create a beautiful and memorable event. There are a variety of places to source wedding decorations including thrift stores and Buy Nothing groups. Buying some decorations online helps you save time and get exactly what you want. At Denver DIY Bride, we scoured amazon looking for the best wedding décor supplies included in Amazon Prime Day, here is what we found! Not a Prime member? Click Here to join Prime.

1. Gorgeous Table Runners

A jewel toned table runner over a white table cloth needs no centerpiece or other adornement! These table runners are simple and easy to use. Plus, after the wedding you can reuse them for other parties or donate them to the next person getting married.

2. Charming Signs

These basswood plywood sheets are perfect for creating DIY signage for your wedding. Hand paint letters, paint with chalkboard paint or use with vinyl stickers. Use signs on accessory tables such as dessert tables, seating charts, and selfie stations. Everyone is always grateful for the sign that points to the restroom!

3. Small Mason Jars

Small mason jars, like these, have endless decoration uses at your DIY wedding and reception. Fill with a few pearls or gems and top with a flameless candle. Fill with water and add a blooming rose (snip the stem 1 inch from the base of the flower). Fill with candies in your wedding colors and add to the dessert table.

4. These Flowers Never Wilt

Up close, sure, guests will notice these pretty flowers are fake (nor will they know they were a Prime Day deal!). From a distance and in photos, however, who can tell? DIY weddings are all about doing what you can with what you have. If fake flowers add ambiance while allowing you to spend more where it is more important to you, then do it! Besides, everyone will be too polite to comment 🙂

5. Perfect Wedding Arch

Use this Prime Day deal wedding arch as a backdrop in your ceremony with florals and fabric, or on it’s own. If you are feeling crafty, use this arch and the balloon kit pieces to create an organic balloon arch, perfect for reception selfies!

Romantic & Magical DIY Weddings

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support.

While Amazon Prime Day is only a once in a while event, you can still find a fabulous selection of DIY wedding supplies on Amazon. Other online retailers also have a wide selection of supplies which makes shopping for wedding supplies convenient. No matter how large or small, wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process! 

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