DIY Catering Supplies on Amazon

DIY Wedding Catering is Possible!

We have searched high and low for a wide variety of DIY wedding catering supplies on Here is a list of some of the great supplies we have found. DIY catering is possible, with help! Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to help out with cooking, baking and set up on the day of. If you have not cooked for a crowd before, practice every recipe. Make sure recipes that are not already for large gatherings will increase appropriately and still taste just as delicious. When in doubt, practice!

1. Beverage Dispenser

This rustic looking beverage dispenser is a convenient way to allow guests or a bar tender to serve water, juice, iced tea or adult beverages. Be sure to designate a friend or family member to watch and refill your beverage dispensers or other food items. These types of dispensers are also often easy to clean. 

2. Coffee & Tea

Easily serve coffee, tea or hot chocolate with this hot or cold beverage carafe. Do note, that once you serve coffee out of one of these carafes, you will not want to use it with plain water. There will always be a slight taste of coffee that remains. 

3. Keep Bugs Away

Food tents like these keep critters and insects off of your buffet line. They are a must for any outdoor or backyard wedding reception that is self catered! If it is windy, you may need to add a weight to the tent to keep it on the table. Tents can also be used to cover desserts that are already set on the table when guests sit down to dine. 

4. Serving Tongs

This set of serving tongs will not only make serving appetizers and small dishes easier, it will also add sophistication to your DIY catering experience. Tongs are perfect for serving any small item such as from a charcuterie board, passed appetizers, or entrée items. These tongs look professional and the set ensures you will have enough for each dish.

5. Cake Decorating

This cake decorating kit includes everything you need to decorate a wedding cake. Tips, leveler, bags, rose and flower nail and so much more! If you have not baked much before and plan on baking your own wedding cake or cupcakes, be sure to practice! Practice more than once. Watch how-to videos for tips and techniques. Even if you are an experienced baker, be sure to practice, practice, practice!

6. Cupcake Liners

If you are self catering, cupcake liners can be a life saver. While unlined cupcakes may look more elegant, if they stick to the pan and fall apart, no one is going to be happy. These tulip style liners have a bakery made look. Regular liners come in a variety of colors and styles that can coordinate with your colors or theme. 

7. Temporary Bar

This blow up bar or buffet may look silly, but it’s very practical! Fill with ice and beverages. Or fill with ice and keep salads and other buffet items cold. After the wedding, let friends and family borrow these for birthday parties, showers and other events.

8. Baking Pans

A pack of 9×13 foil baking pans is perfect for roasts, casseroles, pastas or any DIY catering crowd friendly recipes. If you are self catering, be sure to practice your recipes beforehand! Have a party or freeze left overs for later. Take notes about what works and what doesn’t work or changes you made that didn’t quite follow the recipe. 

Romantic & Magical DIY Weddings

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support. has a wide variety of DIY wedding supplies available. Other online retailers also have a wide selection of supplies which makes shopping for wedding supplies convenient. No matter how large or small, wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process!

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