10 Ways To Use Lanterns At Your DIY Wedding

Lanterns can be used in many different ways at your wedding. Use them in centerpieces, as an alternative to bouquets, or to define space. Learn 7 other ways to use lanterns at your DIY wedding in this guide.

Lanterns add light, warmth and cham to your DIY wedding and reception décor. Lanterns can be filled with flameless candles, real candles, flowers, mushroom birds, moss and greenery, and more. When used outside, lanterns hung from shepherd hooks can be used to define the edges of space, which may not be discernable in the dark. If you use shepherd hooks to hang lanterns, make sure you push them far enough into the ground that they won’t tip over.

Using candles in lanterns at outdoor Denver weddings may or may not be advisable since it can be dry and prone to wildfires. Fortunately, a wide variety of flameless candles are available without the risk of fire or burns. Some flameless candles can even be controlled by a discreet remote! If you like the look of lanterns, here are 10 ways to include them in your wedding and reception décor.

DIY Weddings: 10 Ways To Use Lanterns


      1. Centerpieces. Large, medium and small lanterns add height and light to centerpieces. Use as either an accent to flowers or instead of flowers. Fill with a flameless candle, pinecones, ribbon, pearls or other trinkets.

      1. Aisle Markers. Small and medium sized lanterns can be hung from the edges of chairs. Large lanterns can sit next to aisle edge chairs. Add a flameless candle for dramatic lighting during evening Denver wedding ceremonies. 

      1. Walkways & Stairs. Line walkways and stairs with matching or mismatched lanterns. This is especially beautiful for outdoor DIY weddings and receptions. If your wedding is not outdoors, you can still line walkways and stairs with lanterns at entranceways around your venue.

      1. Bouquet Alternatives. Lanterns can be carried by the wedding party in place of bouquets. This is an especially unique option for evening weddings. Make sure to use flameless candles instead of regular candles and ensure the lantern opening is shut firmly.

      1. Ring Bearer. In place of a pillow, have your ring bearer carry a lantern. Rings can be put inside the lantern on a mini pillow or in a small box next, with or without a flameless candle.

      1. Accent Tables. Flank accessory tables, such as dessert or gift tables, with large lanterns.

      1. Define Space. Hang lanterns on shepherd hooks to define outdoors spaces. This is especially helpful for evening weddings and receptions.

      1. Give As Gifts. A small lantern with a scrolled message inside is a charming DIY wedding gift for attendees, the wedding party or family members.

      1. Card Basket Alternative. A large lantern, without a candle, can be used in place of a card basket. Simply open the lantern door and let attendees leave their cards inside.

      1. Formal Exit. Instead of sparklers or tossing flower petals, hand out small lanterns with flameless candles to guests and have them hold them aloft while the happy couple depart.