Jewel Toned Vintage Farm Wedding

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Natalie & Jenn’s wedding in Lyons, Colorado was a beautiful. The ceremony and reception were outside, on a gorgeous day, at the Lyons Farmette. The look was vintage, jewel toned and rustic. You can recreate the reception look for your own wedding with supplies found at thrift shops or purchased online. Here, we have selected products that can help you achieve a similar look at your own DIY wedding. You might have noticed, this list is short! Natalie & Jenn’s table setting is deceptively simple. Glassware, plate, napkin. That’s it! It is accented by small bud vases with just a few stems in each. The dark, farmhouse tables added an element of depth that tied the look together. Natalie & Jenn’s wedding is proof that you do not need to go overboard with table settings and centerpieces to create a gorgeous wedding.

1. A Perfect Toast

Vintage and vintage style cut glass drinkware was just one of the stars of Natalie & Jenn’s table setting. The blue hue of the drinkware used at their wedding blended well with the other colors. The style was casual yet glamourous and most importantly, functional! This same glass style can be used for cocktails, wine, flavored waters, sodas or juices. This saved space in the table setting and ensured there was plenty of room for other dishes. Look for cut glass at thrift shops. Or, vintage looking sets, like this one, are available in a variety of colors for purchase online.

2. Amber Bud Vases

Small bud vases, like these, have room for only a few stems. Natalie & Jenn paired stems of eucalyptus with a variety of colored buds such as roses and carnations in shades of peach, yellow, burgundy and red. The result was a sophisticated combination that was casual enough to feel comfortable. Plus, since the stems were shorter and the vases smaller, guests could comfortably talk to each other, rather than having to look around a domineering centerpiece. Additionally, the combination of flower types and the smaller vases was a budget friendly approach that allowed them to splurge elsewhere.

3. DIY Weding Dinner

Natalie & Jenn’s table setting included rustic chic enamelware dinner plates. Enamelware is durable and these plates were easy for guests to carry to the buffet, as well as large enough to hold the food served. Buying your own enamelware for a DIY wedding however, can be expensive! Instead, a classic white plate with a gold accent is a more affordable alternative that you can reuse after the reception. Disposable plates are an option for larger weddings. No matter what you choose, white, light brown, or even rust colored plates will go well with the overall look of your jewel toned, vintage farm wedding.

4. Jewel Toned Napkins

Natalie and Jenn’s table setting was simple. A glass, a plate and a napkin. And what a napkin! The burgundy color paired well with the cobalt blue drinkware, the cream dinnerware and the amber vases. To achieve the same look, use a similarly colored cloth napkin like these, or a different jewel tone. Other colors that may pair well include mustard, navy and emerald. Play with swatches of colors to see which combinations are the most pleasing to you.

Simple & Elegant Vitnage Wedding

Natalie & Jenn’s wedding and reception decor was deceptively simple. The deep jewel tones added sophistication and depth. The mismatched flowers paired with greens in bud vases kept the look high end casual. The three piece table setting that included drinkware, plate and napkin was not complicated, allowed guests plenty of space and didn’t confuse guests with plates for unkown courses. Natalie & Jenn’s event is proof that the choosing quality over quantity produces the most gorgeous results.

DIY weddings are a meaningful way to share your love with your family and friends. Whether your wedding is in a backyard, reception hall or other location, you can create the DIY wedding of your dreams. Denver DIY Bride curates supplies and ideas for DIY weddings. We are here for you with ideas, supplies and support. 

Whether you are planning a vintage, jewel toned farm wedding or a black and white ball,  wedding planning can be stressful. Don’t forget to breathe, relax and enjoy the process!

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