DIY Wedding Makeup: Mascara

Waterproof mascara is an important part of any DIY wedding makeup kit.

The Only Mascara You Need

Mascara defines your lashes and can make your eyes more visible in photographs as well as to your guests sitting in the back row. Even if you do not consider yourself prone to tearing up, waterproof mascara is a good choice for a variety of reasons. Rain, humidity and sweat can all make mascara run or smudge. You may also find yourself at the center of more hugs than usual. Again, waterproof mascara will protect your look from smudging more than a standard mascara. Like any makeup you buy for your DIY wedding makeup look, try it out with your complete wedding day look before the big day.

Classic Black Mascara

Black mascara is a classic choice. It works well with a variety of skin tones to clearly define your lashes and eyes. Black waterproof mascara pairs well with a variety of eyeshadow colors and techniques, complimenting your overall wedding day look. Black mascara is also a good choice if wearing makeup is new to you. Because it generally enhances all eye colors, you do not need to worry about choosing the right color for you. As always, be sure to test the waterproof mascara you choose before your big day. Test as part of your complete look as well as separately. If you are new to wearing mascara, wearing mascara before your big day will give you time to experience how it feels, as well as practice not touching your face!

The Only Black Mascara You Need

Subtle Brown-Black Mascara

Brown-black mascara, sometimes offered as just brown mascara, is a good choice for a more subtle look. If you wedding is casual, among friends, in a backyard, charming, and low key, this is a good color to choose. It is less obvious and while it will define, shape and accent your lashes and eye color, it will also blend more in photographs and not be as obvious from the back row of you wedding ceremony. It is also the perfect choice if you just prefer a more subtle color, no matter how glamourous your DIY wedding is. If you have not worn mascara before, brown or brown-black mascara can feel more natural, while also providing the definition you are looking for.

The Only Brown-Black Mascara You Need

Colorful Mascara

If you are confident in your color pallet, a colored mascara may be right for you. Daring, glamourous and intriguing, mascara in colors such as violet, white, cobalt or deep green can accentuate your eye color and overall makeup look. If you have never worn mascara before, or are unsure what color will look best on you, consider visiting a makeup professional for a color consultation before committing to pink mascara.

The Only Colorful Mascara You Need

Maybelline New York Snapscara Washable Mascara comes in violet, blue and brown. Note, it is not waterproof and it can be hard to find waterproof colored mascara. A makeup setting spray can help makeup, including mascara, stay in place, but is no match for tears.

DIY Wedding Makeup

If you are experienced at applying your own makeup, then creating your own DIY wedding makeup look is a great way to accent your eyes, coloring and style. When creating your look, consider what your day will consist of. Will you have professional photographs taken? Will it be humid, dry or potentially rain? Do you consider yourself a crier? You may want to take these and other factors into consideration when creating your big day look. If you are unsure how your look will photograph, test it out before hand and ask a friend to take a few headshots.

If you are new to wearing makeup and plan to do your makeup yourself for you wedding day, then practice, practice, practice! Photograph different looks and note which products you used and where. This way, you will be able to re-create the look you like the most easily. Applying makeup is a skill and artform. If after practicing you decide to have your makeup professionally done, then do it!

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DIY wedding makeup mascara