Toast Tables: DIY Wedding Bars & Drinks Tables

Creating your own bar and drinks table gives guest one place to go to refill their glasses. Depending on what you serve, you may want to ask a few friends or family members to share time attending the table and pouring drinks. Chill a variety of beverages in buckets full of ice. Set out garnishes, such as olives, citrus wedges and cherries in decorative dishes. Instead of a bar or drinks table, carafes left on each dining table can be labeled and easily refilled. This is an easy solution to offering your guests a variety of beverages at a DIY wedding. No matter how you plan to offer your guests beverages, make sure it is very clear what is what and whether or not there are any age restrictions related to the contents of the beverage.

As you think about your drinks table and what kinds of beverages you want to offer your guests, think about how you want the table to look and how it will function. Dispensers, pitchers, buckets, stemware and barware accessories can help you create a functional table. Smaller or longer versions of your centerpieces, can help tie the look of the table to the rest of your wedding design.

Beverage dispensers

Mix desired beverages in different, clearly labeled pitchers or beverage dispensers. Pre-pour beverages or ask a few family members or friends to share attending to the table throughout the reception.

This simple dispenser on a riser is functional and elegant.

Jar style beverage dispensers are more casual and charming.

Pitchers & Carafes

Thrift stores are a great place to find pitchers, as long as you don’t mind if they coordinate, but do not necessarily match. You may be able to find a variety of cut glass pitchers or fun, colorful ceramic pitchers that complement your wedding theme. Basic glass carafes are functional and neutral, making them a good choice for any drinks table.

Glasses & Stemware

Real glasses and stemware can be purchased new or from a thrift store. If you find a set of stemware at a thrift store that is marked by the manufacturer, you may be able to order additional glasses as needed. Or, embrace mismatched cut class or etched glasses.

DIY Wedding Barware

The last think you want to do is give your guests a variety of garnishes for their beverages, and no way to pick them up other by hand! Toothpicks, small or disposable tongs, square paper napkins, cocktail forks, stir sticks. Drinks table accessories like these elevate the appearance of your beverage table and make picking up a lime wedge more sanitary. When deciding on quantities, assume that the tongs will get dropped and that guest will take more than one napkin.