DIY Wedding Day Packing List

Be prepared for anything! A wedding day tool kit will help you handle any unexpected issues with a smile and poise. A must for DIY weddings!

Be Prepared!

Be prepared for anything life throws your way (on your wedding day, at least) by packing a day of wedding toolkit. This kit has everything you need to handle unexpected issues that may occur on your big day. Items like extension cords, duct tape, a screwdriver, chap stick, a sewing kit, a nail file and more, can keep your wedding ceremony and reception running smoothly. Pack you kit in a tool bag, box, reuseable bag or any sturdy container

. In addition to these items, it is helpful to keep in mind that not everything will go exactly as planned. It may rain on a sunny day, a heel might break, a string of lights might go out. Whatever happens, remember that your love is at the heart of your event and even if it doesn’t go as planned, it will still be a wonderful celebration.

Save The Wedding Day

  1. The Original Duck Tape. Firm grip tape like this can prevent guests from tripping over cords, hold decorations in place, fix tears in table cloths, and can even prevent wardrobe malfunctions.
  2. Lip Balm. Lip balm, we like Chapstick brand, can be a life saver when you are talking, eating and drinking throughout a long day.
  3. Extension cords. Extra extension cords can save lighting, music and even catering headaches. Have a couple extra on hand, just in case!

Fix nearly anything with The Original Duck Tape.

Classic Chapstick brand lip balm.

An extra extension cord can be a day saver! 

Fix It With Poise & Grace

  1. Safety Pins. Safety pins can temporarily fix a variety of fashion issues from bow ties that won’t stay in place, to small tears, to cinching in waistlines. They can also help hold in place fabric decorations, lighting and boutonnières.
  2. Charging Cords. A charging cord adapter can save DIY music setups. They are also handy to have available for guests who are taking photos and videos.
  3. Nail files. On a day when everyone is wearing their best, a sharp nail that catches on delicate fabric is the last thing you need. Bring a file in your tool kit or give one to your wedding party as part of a day of goodie bag.

Safety pins have so many uses.

Charging cord adapters a must when you need it most!

Nail files, a must for any wedding day tool kit! 

Just for The Wedding Party

  1. Easy To Eat Snacks. Having snacks available just for the wedding party that are easy to eat can help keep everyone happy, on time and ready to go. Avoid snacks with lots of crumbs, flavor powders or liquids. We love Bobo’s oat bars because they are filling, won’t stick to or color teeth, and can accommodate a variety allergies.
  2. Band-Aids. How often do members of your wedding party wear dress shoes and heels? Ease hotspots, protects broken nails, and more with adheasive bandages. Body Glide can also help with chafing and tight shoes.
  3. Mints. No one wants to be thinking about their breath on a wedding day! Be prepared with packs of mints for your wedding party (and yourself!)


A case of Bobo’s oat bars can satisfy hunger pangs. 

Band-Aids can help ease hotspots from tights shoes, broken nails and more. 

Freshen up with Altoid mints

Planning A Carefre DIY Wedding

DIY weddings are a wonderful way to customize your wedding and reception experience for you and your guests. Like any wedding, anything can happen and it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. With a day of toolkit ready to go you will be able to handle any situation that arises with grace and poise (and duct tape!)! It also helps to remember that your love is the main event and if something doesn’t go as planned, that is okay.

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