DIY Wedding Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a charming and rustic accent and are an easy project for DIY weddings.

Wedding Chalkboards

Chalkboard signs do not compliment every DIY wedding theme or design aesthetic. For those that they do, however, they can be delightful design accents and provide convenient directional signage. Chalkboard signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are a variety of styles that can hang from chair corners, nails and branches. Sandwich board style chalkboard signs also come in a variety of heights and widths. Chalkboard paint can transform any found piece of wood or other material into a chalkboard sign.

Three Tips For DIY Chalkboard Signs

  • Writing on and decorating chalkboard signs before your Denver Wedding day is a convenient way to save time day of (and keep hands chalk free). If you do this, make sure to have a way to transport the signs to your reception location so that they do not smear or get chalk on other surfaces.
  • If you or a friend will be writing on chalkboard signs the day of the wedding, make sure to have an eraser available.
  • Chalk dust will get everywhere. Do not write your own signs while wearing any clothing that should not have chalk dust on it. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands after writing with chalk.
  • Practice your handwritting! Lettering tips and tutorials can help you achieve the perfect look. 

Five Ways To Use Chalkboard Signs

  1. Aisle Markers. Write meaningful words and hang from chairs. For more aisle marker ideas, see 15 DIY Wedding Aisle Markers.
  2. Table Numbers. Use chalkboard signs on tall pedestals as table numbers. Instead of numbers, identify tables with a meaningful word.
  3. Identification & Directional Signage. Do not underestimate the necessity of a sign pointing the way to the bathroom. You can also hang chalkboard signs from tables, such as the dessert table or the drinks table.
  4. Flower Girl or Ring Bearer Alternative. Rather than depend on your best friend’s 4 year old niece to evenly distribute flower petals down the aisle, have them hold a chalkboard sign that says, Here Comes The Bride.
  5. Charming Decoration. Sandwich board style chalkboard signs with heartfelt messages or illustrations can complement a charming garden party wedding or a more casual brunch.

Point The Way With Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a great choice for Denver weddings that are outside. Because there are so many days of sunshine and the weather is usually dry (except for those random storms!), you will not need to worry about rain or humidity effecting your chalkboard signs. If there is the potential for rain, put your signs in a place where they will stay dry. Or, just go with the flow. Many chalks will stay readable even if they get wet (to a point). If you have a friend with handwriting you adore, ask them to write your chalkboard signs. It is a fun and unique way for them to contribute to your DIY wedding.

DIY Wedding Balloons & Décor

Planning wedding and reception decorations can be on of the most enjoyable activities for DIY couples. Chalkboard signs are a chamring way to point guests in the right direction. Remember to practice writing on the signs! You can create your chalkboard signs weeks before your wedding, just make sure to protect the surfaces so that they do not smudge before your big day.  

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DIY wedding décor chalkboard sign.