Backyard Wedding Chairs

Folding chairs, armchairs, benches! There are a wide variety of seating options for your DIY wedding.

Other than the couple, the single most important component of a backyard wedding is seating! Different types of chairs offer different types of comfort, mobility, and functionality. Folding chairs are simple to set up and take down. Choosing matching wingback chairs for the couple adds a stylish accent. Using dining chairs outside is a low cost option for small weddings. Chair covers or fabric sashes can hide mismatch chairs and add style to basic folding chairs. Aisle markers are another way to add interest and color to ceremony seating. Check out 15 DIY Wedding Aisle Markers for more ideas. No matter what kind of chairs you choose to use for your backyard wedding, having enough chairs is more important than their appearance.

Folding Chairs

What folding chairs lack in comfort, they gain in functionality. Folding chairs are light and easy to arrange. They can be folded and put away or easily moved to reception tables after the ceremony. Plastic folding chairs can be inexpensive, but often lack a refined design. Resin and wood folding chairs have a higher end look and feel, but are often more expensive. Chair covers are a simple way to make folding chairs look more refined. A sash tied around each chair with a bow in the back is a simple way to elevate covered or uncovered folding chairs.


Benches, with or without cushions, are a unique choice for an outdoor wedding. Benches clearly define rows and can sometimes accommodate more people than chairs (although this may be at the expense of comfort). After the ceremony, benches can be moved to tables, around a firepit, or distributed around the yard for periphery seating. The most challenging part of using benches in a DIY wedding is finding enough of them to borrow.

Armchairs & Wingbacks

For couple chairs, armchairs and wingback chairs can be a great way to add design and creativity to a backyard wedding. Even in a backyard, these chairs look refined and stylish. They can be a fantastic accent to family photos, putting the couple front and center. They are also comfortable. You and your partner have been working hard creating your DIY wedding, give yourself a comfortable seat at the wedding and you won’t regret it!

Dining & Accent Chairs

If you are planning a very small wedding, you may be able to use your own or buy dining chairs for your ceremony and reception. 12 white or wood tone dining chairs arranged in 3 rows is a simple option for the ceremony. Afterwards, the chairs can easily be moved by guests to tables or other areas for the reception. Other types of accent chairs can be used in the same way. Mismatched chairs can be charming and whimsical. Or, you can use chair covers to make mismatched chairs coordinate in color.

Rental Chairs for DIY Weddings

Event companies often have folding chairs to rent. Make sure you know the approximate number of chairs you need before calling around for quotes. Some companies may have a minimum number of chairs that need to be rented. Delivery and pick up may be included in the quoted price and may or may not be optional. Rental companies may also offer chair covers in a variety of styles. Chair covers can make folding chairs look much more fashionable.