Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a charming addition to any outdoor or indoor DIY wedding. Hung from ceilings, rafters or trees, paper lanterns are perfect for Denver weddings.

Paper lanterns are a charming addition to any outdoor or indoor DIY wedding. Hung from ceilings, rafters or trees, paper lanterns add visual interest and draw the eye up. Depending on the location and time of day of your wedding and reception, you may decide to use these lanterns with string lights or flameless candles, or not light them up at all. Paper lanterns come in many sizes and colors to accent your Denver wedding style.

Paper lanterns are a fabulous way to add diffused accent lighting to your backyard wedding. Denver weddings have an advantage since the weather is so often sunny and dry. You will not have to worry, much, about your paper lanterns being caught in the rain. Small lanterns are cute, oversized lanterns can be dramatic. Multiple lanterns in the same size and color are a cohesive design accent. Multiple lanterns in different sizes and colors add pops of interest. No matter how you use them, have a few extra on hand in case of rips or tears during setup. Interested in other ways to add accent lighting to your Denver wedding and reception? Find more DIY wedding ideas on Denver DIY Bride’s Lighting page.

Multiple Size Paper Lantern Sets

Multipacks of single color paper lanterns are available from multiple sellers. This set of paper lanterns from Just Artifacts on is available in 15+ colors. The pack includes various sizes, giving you a variety of options for arranging the lanterns at your wedding. Smaller sizes can be grouped together over accent tables, such as a dessert bar. Large and small sizes can be spread out across the rafters of a barn reception. However you use this multipack, it is a convenient way to purchase multiple lanterns for various placements.

Single Size Paper Lantern Sets

Single size, single color paper lantern multipacks are a convenient way to buy lanterns when you know you only want one size. This set of five lanterns from Just artifacts on is available in more than 20 colors and in 10 different sizes. Eight inch lanterns are small and add a touch of fun above accent tables or used with small lights. 24 inch lanterns are statement making and cannot be ignored.

Mini Paper Lantern String Lights

A quick and easy way to highlight fences or railings or to accent a card table is with mini lantern string lights. A small lantern covers each lightbulb, diffusing the light and adding an additional touch of design to an otherwise plain string of lights. Rather than paper, the lanterns are often made from nylon or a different material, which makes them less prone to rips.