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Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add whimsy to centerpieces, floral arrangements and other decorative elements. The bulbs of fairy, or twinkle, lights are smaller than regular string lights and they are often powered by a battery pack. Fill hurricane glasses with fairy lights for romantic ambiance. Arrange lights within topiaries, wreaths or other floral arrangements as an accent. However you use them, be sure to check if the lights come with batteries or if they need to be charged or plugged in. Be sure to charge before the big day or have extra batteries available.

These fairy lights are erfect for filling mason jars. Six pack of 7 feet long battery operated fairy lights.

Great for walls and fences. These lights are 33 feet long, outdoor battery operated fairy lights.

Star shaped fairly lights are whimsical and delightful. This one is available in multiple lengths.

USB powered light curtains add glamour to any space. Hang one like this from walls, trees, etc.

String Lights

String lights create ambiance as well as being a source of practical lighting. While larger than fairy lights, string lights can range in size from 3/4″ to 1.5″ or even larger. Strawberry lights are rounded and the traditional shape of Christmas lights. Globe lights have a vintage look. No matter what kind of strung lights you choose, verify whether or not they can be used indoors, outdoors, or both and make sure you have extension cords available.

Add light to arches, ceilings, doorways, table runners and more with this 26.9″ long string line set. 

Large bulb lights cast more light and give a slightly different look than smaller bulbs. Perfect for outside. 

Edison bulbs are perfect over patios or any outdoor setting. This set is 20 feet long and connectable.

Rattan globe string lights like these add rustic romance to accent tables and archways. 

Icicle lights add joy and cheer to winter weddings or outdoor weddings any time of year.

Lanterns for DIY Weddings

Metal lanterns add rustic romance to any wedding. Vintage lanterns can sometimes be found at thrift shops and can be modernized by replacing oil wells with electric candles. Modern lanterns are often battery powered or rechargeable. Lanterns can be added to centerpieces, used as aisle markers, held by the bridal party in place of bouquets, or used as part of accent lighting.

Paper lanterns come in a variety of colors and sizes. Grouped or strung separately, they are a fresh decorative alternative to pedestals and topiaries.

Lanterns with electric candles add warmth and atmospheser to wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

Large lanterns can be used to accent other arrangements and decor by providing light and height.

Use this set of 12 lanterns as aisle markers, in table arrangements or for the bridal party.

Small camp stype lanterns feel inviting and are a a functional alternative to candles.

These paper lanterns come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your taste and wedding style.

Party Lights & Projectors

Party lights and projector lights are fun and playful. They can add a professional feel to your reception, especially on the dance floor. Projector lights can project images as well as interesting light patters, such as stars, clouds and snowflakes.

These basic party lights add excitement to the dancefloor with multiple colors and patterns.

This aurora style projector light has several colors to choose from, as well as white stars. 

Classic spotlights can highlight people during dances and toasts as well as corners or columns in a room.

No matter what nature has planned, with this lamp, you can have snow at your wedding any time of year.

Cords & Batteries

If you are creating a DIY wedding, it is important to not forget the tools and accessories that make everything work! For lighting, that means batteries, extension cords and extra bulbs. Depending on your lighting set up, plan to have these items on hand and make sure someone is assigned responsibility for them during setup, cleanup and troubleshooting.

If you are doing your wedding and reception yourself, extension cords are a must in your day of kit. 

In addition to extension cords, a power strip or two can be handy to have ready if needed. 

Batteries stop working when you least expect it. Have several in the sizes needed to prevent stress on your big day. 

Some string lights and electric candles use coin batteries. Check the packaging for the type and make sure to have some on hand for easy replacement. 

There is not much that cannot be fixed with duct tape.

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