Spell Your Love In Balloons

Balloons in words and letters are a playful way to add décor accents to your DIY wedding, without looking like a child's birthday party.

alloons in words and letters are a playful way to add décor accents to your DIY wedding, without looking like a child’s birthday party. Tabs with holes on the top and bottom of word and letter balloons allow you to easily string them together to create phrases or meaningful statements. To hang, tie, tape or otherwise attach each end of the string to something sturdy. Tape can work, but often looses it’s adhesiveness in humidity and can be a challenge to get to stick to texture surfaces. Most balloons purchased online will come with a small straw to make blowing up the balloon easy. After the wedding, mylar balloons can be deflated and used again at a different event or given away to another DIY bride.

Word Balloons

There are a variety of word balloons to choose from to add playfulness, and even glamour, to your DIY wedding and reception. Word balloons are single balloons in the shape of a word. Each letter is connected and most are blown up from a single nozzle. Love balloons, and other words such as, party, happy, smile all add a different tone to your wedding, though all are playful. Most word balloons are made from mylar and come in metallic colors. Rose gold and silver colors can be incorporated into glamourous themes as accents.

Letter Balloons

Every letter of the alphabet, and numbers 1-10, are available as single letter balloons. This gives you the freedom to spell any word you want and string them from anywhere. You may want to spell a last name, Mr. & Mr. (or Mrs. & Mrs. or Mr. & Mrs. or Mx.), a word that is unavailable as a word balloon such as dessert, imbibe or happily ever after. Single letter balloons often have a tab with a hole on the top and bottom in order to string them up and hang them. You may want to use double sided tape to connect the letters in specific ways.

Where to Hang Balloons

Word and letter balloons can be hung from the ends of tables, between fenceposts, or along walls. Words such as cake, dessert and yum can be used to identify dessert tables. Mr. & Mrs., or your preferred combination, can be strung between poles over the couples table or seats at the reception. Last names can be hung from rafters or across long walls. Short words or single letters can even be attached to a a small dowel that is inserted in a vase and used as a table accent. Do not hang balloons near and open flame, heater window or somewhere with a significant draft. If you have a lot of balloons to blow up, consider buying a hand pump to make inflation easier. The last thing you want is your bridal party out of breath after setting up the reception!

Denver DIY Wedding Balloons

Word and letter balloons are an easy way to add design accents to your DIY wedding. They are playful without being childish and compliment any theme. No matter how you choose to use balloons in your wedding, be sure to have an extra letter or two on hand, bring extra string for hanging, and have a small straw available to make blowing up a snap. For more ideas about balloon décor, see Denver DIY Bride’s balloon page.