DIY Backyard Weddings: The Ultimate Guide

Backyard weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your love with family and friends. This post has all the supplies you need to pull it off with charm and perfection.

DIY Backyard Wedding Supplies

Backyard weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your love with family and friends. No matter what theme you choose for your event, it is possible to achieve. A backyard wedding can be charming, glamourous, casual, formal, traditional, contemporary or any other theme you choose. We have curated a list of supplies to help you create an event that will delight your guests. This post includes ideas and supplies for defining space with seating, options for lighting, self catering supplies to make serving food and beverages easy, fabulous decorations, and practical items like extension cords and duct tape. 

1. Define Space With Seating, Arches & Aisles

Defining space in your backyard helps guest know where to go, where not to go and where to find key elements of the event (like the bar!). Ceremony supplies include chairs, aisle runners, arches, pedestals and other supplies that define space and add design to your venue. Customize your ceremony seating with DIY aisle markers. Aisle runners can be purchased, or look for narrow carpets, fabric or even velvet curtains as a DIY aisle runner. Folding chairs can be rented, borrowed or bought. Depending on the chairs you use, you may want to buy simple white chair covers to give the chairs a uniform look. For mico-weddings, consider using dining chairs for seating. Borrow from neighbors and family for a charming, mismatched look.

Leave folding chairs plain or use a full chair cover like these.

Wedding arches can be accented with flowers, fabric or branches.

Fabric aisle runners like this one may be easier to walk on.

Draping fabric panels come in a variety of colors to accent your theme.

2. Lighting

Unless your wedding is during the day, you will want to lighten up your backyard location with lighting. Lighting can help define space and it is also practical. You don’t want anyone to trip as they move between a patio and lawn! It can also help guests see where they need to go and how to get there. Unless you want guests to traipse through flower beds, line walk ways and paths with luminaries or lanterns. Use lanterns or flameless candles in centerpieces. Flank accent areas, such as a bar table, with large lanterns or highlight with a table lamp. 

Edison bulbs are perfect over patios. This set is 20 feet long and connectable.

These basic party lights add excitement to the dancefloor with multiple colors and patterns.

These fairy lights are erfect for filling mason jars. Six pack of 7 feet long battery operated fairy lights.

Use this set of 12 lanterns as aisle markers, in table arrangements or for the bridal party.

3. Food & Drinks

DIY catering may sound intimidating, but it is possible, especially for smaller weddings. What food and beverage options you want to offer is something you should start thinking about before you send your invitations. That way, you can let guests know what to expect. You may put on the invitation, “light bites” or “dinner will be served.” Self serve or buffet style offerings will be the easiest to offer. This type of catering allows you to assign one or two friends or family members to monitoring and refilling food, plates, etc. as needed. 

Beverages can also be arranged to be self serve. If you are offering mixed drinks, you may want to ask a friend to serve as bartender. Even better, hire a bartender for the evening. Keep in mind that just because your favorite cousin works weekends as a bartender, it does not mean they want to be working your wedding! 

Like everything other aspect of a DIY wedding, practice your catering set up! This means tasting recipes, arranging charcuterie boards, mixing cake frosting, setting up a chafing dish, before the wedding.

Jar style beverage dispensers are a charming and efficient way to offer water, cocktails or mocktails. 

This commercial grade Sephra Elite Chocolate Fountain melts 4-6 pounds of chocolate at one time.

Coodrinating disposable tableware is a time saver for DIY brides, while also looking elegant.

Chafing dish sets make offering hot entrees and appetizers easy. Cold setups also available.

4. Decorations

There are so many wonderful ways to decorate a backyard for a wedding! Think about your theme or color scheme and use this as a guide. If you don’t have a theme or colors, think about who you are as a couple. Do you love the outdoors? Decorate with swags, pinecones, holly leaves, twine and lanterns. Did you meet in line at the ski lift? Decorate with olds skis, fake snow balls (or real depending on the time of year!), and white fairy lights. Did you bond over your favorite book? Create centerpieces from book stacks and accent with leather armchairs. The supplies here are just a few options. For centerpiece ideas, take a look at our Flower Free Centerpieces guide.

These two inch tall small candles look and feel realistic. They add warm glamour to any table setting.

Light up signs are decorative and tell guests exactly where to go.

Accent arches, aisles and centerpieces with coordinated faux flowers like this set.

Hang from a tree branch for a magical backdrop. Or intertwine with fairy lights for even more glow.

5. Day Of Supplies

A day of wedding kit with tools, batteries, extension cords, snacks and duct tape is vital for DIY weddings! Having extra items on hand can easily fix unexpected surprises. Even if your wedding is in your own backyard, put together a bag of box with these items. The last thing you want to be doing on your big day is running around trying to find the supplies everyone needs to set up your wedding. Putting everything in a box or bag will save headaches later. Other ideas for your kit include garbage bags, double sided tape, lip balm, hand lotion and bobby pins. At the very least, check the weather and be ready if rain or excessive heat is in the forecast!

If you are doing your wedding and reception yourself, extension cords are a must in your day of kit.

Batteries stop working when you least expect it. Have several in the sizes needed to prevent stress on your big day.

Safety pins can shorten hems, keep collars in place, fix flower arrangements and so much more.

There is not much that cannot be fixed with duct tape.

DIY Outdoor Weddings

By planning a backyard wedding and organizing your supplies ahead of time, you can create a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank. Remember to practice and try new equipment or recipes, choose the right lighting, and have a day of kit ready to go.

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DIY backyard wedding with tables and swags.